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Altro Whiterock White™

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Product description

Altro Whiterock White™ - Proven, high performance, hygienic alternative to ceramic tiles. Impact-resistant, impermeable, grout-free, easy maintenance. It's pure white finish makes it a favourite in kitchens, clinical areas and bathrooms.


Altro Whiterock™ White is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved and is made from a high-quality, food-safe PVCu polymer that can handle temperatures up to 60°C. It meets all current European Union (EU) Directives on health and hygiene. This makes it particularly suitable for use in commercial kitchens.


Available in 2 sizes of sheet


2.5M / 2500 x 1220mm (W103)
3M / 3000 x 1220mm (W104)


Looking for a splash of colour? See our full range of satin and gloss options with Altro Whiterock Satins™ and Altro Whiterock Chameleon™.


Typical applications


  • Accident and emergency, critical care
  • Commercial, social, student kitchens
  • laboratories, test areas
  • laundries, mortuaries
  • bathrooms


For all technical information on this product please refer to our main website here


Welcome to our page of Altro Whiterock frequently asked questions. We have tried to address many of your queries but please contact us if your specific question is not answered here.


Q. I am unsure as to the quality of the sheet and the level of hygiene compliance?


A. Altro Whiterock is CE marked, 2.5mm in thickness and 100% watertight and impervious. Altro Whiterock is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved and is made from a high-quality, virgin-grade, food-safe PVCu polymer that can handle temperatures up to 60°C. It meets all current European Union (EU) Directives on health and hygiene. This makes it particularly suitable for use in commercial kitchens and areas of critical hygiene.


Q. Does the sheet come with a company guarantee and how has its performance been proved?


A. Altro Whiterock* comes with up to a 30-year system guarantee provided the system has been installed to the recommended standard. This means that you have a wall system that is guaranteed not to fail for up to 30 years. We also have over 35 years of experience with wall systems, as our customers testify. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at our case studies for proven performance or our test results which demonstrate the rigorous process our products go through. (* Altro Whiterock White and Altro Whiterock Satins come with a 30-year system guarantee.  Altro Whiterock Chameleon and Altro Whiterock Splashbacks come with a 20-year system guarantee and Altro Whiterock wall designs has 10-year system guarantee)


Q. Does the wall sheet offer proven, superior impact protection?


A. Absolutely. We’ve extensively tested Altro Whiterock so its strong points are proven. Take a look at our test results or watch our Impact Testing video where a hammer test and steel ball demo are filmed to show you the durability and impact resistance of ceramic tiles vs Altro Whiterock.


Q. How do I know an Altro product has been installed and is the right colour as specified?


A. Our Altro products have a protective film on the front that clearly has the Altro Logo – but beware: watch out for tricks such as placing an Altro branded sheet on the top with alternative sheets underneath. If you are in any doubt, give us a call. We can also provide you with colour swatches of all our wall products so you can colour match.


Q. Is the product fully bonded when installed?


A. The Altro Whiterock system is designed to be fully bonded to the substrate using a quality, polyurethane all-over adhesive with a 5mm notched trowel to ensure you always get the best hygienic, robust, long-term solution. Inferior systems may use gunned or ‘dot and dab’ adhesive. This practice can leave a gap which traps bacteria between the sheet and the wall, undermining hygiene performance and also giving bugs somewhere to hide! Be aware that when temperatures change, the wall sheet can expand and contract. If sheets are applied using gunned or dot and dab adhesive the sheet can show surface rippling or even de-bond. Download the installation guide.


Q. What can I do to avoid downtime and damage to fittings to repair failed cladding?


A. Don’t take the risk of having a wall system installed that is likely to fail. Not only will you experience loss of time but you will also run the risk of damage to equipment and furniture while repairs take place. Altro Whiterock* is guaranteed for up to 30 years and has a 25 year life expectancy. (*Altro Whiterock Satins 30 year guarantee, Altro Whiterock Chameleon 20 year guarantee, Altro Whiterock Splashbacks 20 year guarantee, Altro Fortis Titanium 20 year guarantee, Altro Fortis corner protection 20 year guarantee, Altro Fortis door protection 20 year guarantee, Altro Whiterock wall designs 10 year guarantee).


Q. What are your products’ fire credentials?


A. Altro Whiterock has been tested to the EN 13501-1 which includes two tests: EN ISO 11925-2 and EN 13823; and achieves B-s3, d0 as well as being Class 1 when tested to BS 476 Part 7.When tested to BS 476 Part 6 Altro Whiterock achieves indices of performance suitable to be deemed Class 0 as defined by the Building Regulations. Altro can supply copies of all certification.


Q. Is Altro Whiterock HACCP approved?


A. Yes. All our Altro Whiterock wall sheets are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved and is made from a high-quality, food-safe PVCu polymer that can handle temperatures up to 60°C. It meets all current European Union (EU) Directives on health and hygiene.


Q. Why does the installation need to use a hot weld joint?


A. Altro was the first to introduce the hot weld joint, which continues to be the best quality hot weld on the market. The hot weld is designed to tolerate temperature changes that will take place in all kitchens and wet environments ensuring a fully bonded, watertight and impervious system is in place at all times. Hot welds are permanent and watertight ensuring that debonding is prevented. It is recommended that Altro Whiterock wall designs utilise two-part joint trims which include a neoprene seal to make the joint waterproof as an effective alternative to hot welding, which is not recommended for this product.


Q. Why do I need to specify the concealed transition trim?


A. Altro’s concealed transition trim allows you to replace the flooring easily without need for the wall sheet to also be replaced; giving you added peace of mind and cost-saving.


Q. How do I know the installer is reputable and experienced?


A. We recommend our network of reputable, Altro trained installers called our Premier Installers. Altro Whiterock Premier Installers are selected by Altro for their high level of skill and expertise as well as their commitment to our quality values. Their technical and installation staff are trained by us and regularly audited to ensure the highest standards are maintained. We work together with our Premier Installers in developing new products, finishing details and installation procedures. To find one of our Premier Installers give our Customer Care Centre team a call or our Altro Whiterock Premier Installers page.


Q. Do Altro provide antimicrobial sheets?


A.    No. Not only are current biocides in walls not necessary in critical hygiene areas, they also have a negative impact on health, hygiene and the environment. By improving cleaning regimes, health and hygiene can be assured without relying on biocides. When it comes to hygiene, don’t forget, Altro are the only manufacturer who offer a hygienic wall sheet and floor covering solution which is HACCP approved. HACCP is an international system for food safety management. It is a legal requirement in Europe under EC Regulation 852/2004. HACCP requires a risk assessment for every food preparation area identifying “critical points” where food safety hazards could arise. You can contribute to your HACCP conformity and reduce your hazard risk by selecting Altro Whiterock hygienic walls and Altro resilient flooring for kitchens and hygienic environments.


Q. Do you operate a recycling take back scheme?


A. Yes. Altro operate Recowall, the UK’s first wall cladding recycling scheme.


Q. Is Recowall a recommended service provider and what does it cost?


A. Altro partner with VEKA UK to bring you Recowall, the Altro Whiterock collection and recycling scheme, so you are guaranteed the Altro service level. Altro Whiterock waste is collected free of charge, processed down, pelletised and recycled. There are recycling bins at ten Altro Whiterock Premier Installer sites around the UK where contractors can deposit clean, adhesive-free off-cuts and thermoformed corners. For larger new build or refurbishment projects Recowall can organise for collection bins to be delivered to and collected from the site address - taking away waste to be recycled.