AltroClean™ 44 alkaline floor cleaner 5 Litres

AltroClean™ 44 alkaline floor cleaner 5 Litres

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AltroClean™ 44

Alkaline floor cleaner

5 Litres

Product description

High-performance flooring deserves a high-performance cleaner. You can achieve a professionally clean finish with AltroClean 44.

AltroClean 44 is specially formulated for use with Altro safety flooring, helping your floor maintain its looks long after its initial installation.

If you are unfamiliar with alkaline cleaners, they clean more effectively than neutral, more commonly found cleaners do in areas that are prone to ground-in dirt, grease or fat build-up. This efficient alkaline solution removes stubborn grease, dirt and grime with ease, allowing for really thorough cleaning. AltroClean 44 can also remove pre-existing floor polish and coatings when a higher concentration is used.

Frequently asked questions

Where and when can I use AltroClean 44?

You can use it anywhere you have a safety floor installed, such as shower rooms, kitchens, entrance areas, healthcare environments and research labs as part of your regular cleaning regime.

What type of cleaner is AltroClean 44?

AltroClean 44 is a specially formulated alkaline solution created for cleaning Altro safety flooring and removing stubborn contaminants such as grease, dirt and grime that can evade common cleaning solutions.

Does AltroClean 44 emit any harmful VOCs?

AltroClean 44 is entirely safe for use in public areas, including corridors, circulation areas and workspaces open to the public. It does not emit any VOCs and will not create a residual health hazard.

What is the dilution rate for AltroClean 44?

Dilution rates for AltroClean 44 depend on the floor’s condition. Recommended dilution rates are on the product label and datasheet – but for guidance, for moderate soiling use a 1:40 dilution ratio, for heavy soiling use a 1:10 dilution.

How do you use AltroClean 44?

It’s really important to get your dilution right and follow recommended cleaning methods. We’ve produced some short videos on how to clean our floors to share our top tips with you.

What cleaning equipment is recommended with this product?

Altro UniPad, which has options for use with hand mops or rotary cleaning machines.

What other products are in the range?

AltroClean 44 Plus

Health and safety

Before using this product, please refer to the SDS, (Safety Data Sheet) for correct safety guidance and to determine the appropriate level of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) that are required. 

Always carry out a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessment and risk assessment before using this product.

Where can I find out more technical information?

If you have any queries please call our Customer Care Centre on 01462 489516.

Download the datasheet AltroClean 44