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Altro Whiterock™ Vantage

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Product description

Altro Whiterock™ Vantage - A hygienic wall cladding system for general areas. A co-extruded white sheet that offers the best balance between price and performance.


The perfect hygienic wall system for general purpose areas, Altro Whiterock™ Vantage is a durable solution. It gives you all the quality you expect from Altro in a white sheet and meets all relevant construction standards.


Altro Vantage is a co-extruded sheet, made up of two layers. Available in a timeless, aesthetic white, it forms a long-lasting alternative to white tiles or paint. Altro Vantage has a 20-year guarantee.


Altro Vantage offers you the best balance between price and performance. With a choice of accessories, you can create a total hygienic system, which is easy to clean and maintain.


Available in 2 sizes of sheet


2.5M / 2500 x 1220mm (W107)
3M / 3000 x 1220mm (W108)


Typical applications;


  • kitchens in social housing and student accommodation
  • laboratories
  • laundries
  • retail back of supermarkets
  • food servery
  • bathrooms – social housing and student accommodation
  • day wards and outpatients


For all technical information on this product please refer to our main website here


Q. What is Altro Vantage?


A. Altro Vantage is a 2.5mm thick co-extruded PVC wall cladding sheet for interior spaces that provides an easy to clean and hygienic surface.


Q. Where can I use Altro Vantage?


A.  Altro Vantage can be used in many environments where an easy to clean, robust and functional wall surface is needed. Areas such as kitchens and bathrooms in social housing and student accommodation, labs and test areas, laundries, and retail back of supermarkets as well as food prep areas and food serveries.


Q. Are there any areas I shouldn’t use Altro Vantage?


A.    We do not recommend the use of Altro Vantage in areas of critical hygiene such as operating theatres or critical care wards or in secure areas within mental health care environments. In areas such as these, as well as any other areas where the utmost resilience and system integrity is needed, then Altro Whiterock should be used. For more information on Altro Whiterock please go to the Altro web site at


Q. What is Altro Vantage made from?


A. Altro Vantage is a co-extruded sheet, made up of two high quality PVC layers which deliver a long-lasting, durable, easy to clean wall solution.


Q. What colours is Altro Vantage available in?


A. Altro Vantage is only available in white. For a full range of colours in both a satin and high gloss finish the Altro Whiterock collection is available to enhance the aesthetics of the space


Q. What sizes are available for Altro Vantage?


A. Altro Vantage is available in 2.5m or 3m tall sheets, both are 1.22m wide and 2.5mm thick.


Q. What are the advantages of Altro Vantage over paint?


A. With Altro Vantage, there is no cracking or susceptibility to moisture and humidity. Altro Vantage provides a longer-lasting solution that is also impact resistant.


Q. Can I use Altro Vantage outside?


A. No, we don’t recommend Altro Vantage to be used outside.


Q. How do I install Altro Vantage?


A. Altro Vantage can be fixed directly to most dry substrates depending on its surface suitability. For more information, please look at our Installation Guide.


Q. What accessories and adhesives should be used with Altro Vantage?


A. We recommend installation with AltroFix W139, a two-part polyurethane adhesive. Using this adhesive means that the system conforms to the appropriate fire and smoke certification essential for the creation of safe interior environments. Suitable accessories to allow a quality and convenient installation are available including a range of colour matching trims and weld rod.


Q. Can Altro Vantage be welded and thermoformed?


A.  Yes, Altro Vantage can be both welded and thermoformed. A full set of installation and maintenance instructions can be found on the Altro web site,


Q. How do I cut the sheets?


A. A Festool and pressure guide is the best method, however a jigsaw fitted with a fine-tooth metal cutting blade or fine-toothed handsaw can also be used to cut more intricate sections.


Q. How do I clean Altro Vantage?


A. Use a soft cloth, warm water and a diluted non-abrasive cleaner. For more information, please refer to our cleaning instructions that can be found on the Altro web site,


Q. What is the guarantee of Altro Vantage?


A. Altro Vantage is supported by a 20-year guarantee as well as the peace of mind that comes with buying an Altro product.