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Altro Proof™ DPM standard kit

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Product description

Altro Proof™ Standard Kit


Unfamiliar with Altro resins? Epoxy damp-proof membranes in a nutshell…


These surface-applied damp-proof membranes allow you to overlay green concrete and screeds fast, so you can install flooring on substrates with a moisture content > 75% relative humidity (RH). They protect across a range of moisture contents from RH 75% to 97% wet (surface-dry). They are solvent-free, high build epoxy coatings. You apply them in one coat to save time.


Altro Proof is available in diverse “variants” – these are options, which offer different performance criteria. This product is the Standard variant of Altro Proof. We also offer Altro Proof fast-track variant within the range


Get a damp-proof membrane in a kit to save you time and hassle 


Altro Proof Standard saves you installation time and the hassle of waiting for cement and green concrete to dry out.


It’s a solvent-free, epoxy surface damp-proof membrane, which you apply to substrates with high moisture content, isolating residual construction water and allowing early installation of moisture sensitive floor coverings. It’s ideal with the early installation of flooring on cement and concrete substrates with a moisture content > 75% and up to 97% RH. It provides outstanding adhesion to concrete under adverse conditions and excellent resistance to water and hydrolysis.


This is a two-part kit, comprising a base and separate hardener, which you mix using a slow speed drill and mixing paddle, before you apply with a 2mm x 5mm notched trowel or dense foam rubber squeegee. It’s easy to apply in just a single, quick coat, giving you a nominal finished thickness of 250 microns.


Not only is it quick to apply, but once it’s in place, it reduces the time you need to install your chosen floor covering afterwards.


Product guarantee: 2 Years from date of purchase 


Guide coverage: 6kg unit = not more than 18m2


We want you to get the best result from your resin floor.


We have created the following overview and our supporting technical materials, not just to support you as you install this kit, but also to keep you safe. You must ensure you read, understand and follow our Health and Safety data sheets and our Technical data and installation guideIf you have any questions, call us before you start, we’re here to help. 


Who can typically install this resin kit?

We have designed this kit to be suitable for semi-skilled installers to use. Installing a resin floor is very different from installing a vinyl sheet or LVTs, so if you feel you lack the right experience to install this product and can benefit from professional help, please get in touch to discuss this with us. 


Substrate requirements 

Important: on substrates that are liable to direct hydrostatic pressure eg some basements, low-lying buildings, or in the absence of an integral DPM, a more substantial installation may be required.


Your substrates should be dry, structurally sound and free from contamination, friable materials or laitance, which may affect either the adhesion or penetration of Altro Proof Standard. You must mechanically remove all residues of old paint coatings and dust to achieve maximum adhesion. Substrates should achieve 26N/mm2 compressive strength and 1.5N/mm2 surface tensile strength.  


Building Regulations

New ground-supported concrete should incorporate an integral, physical and functioning DPM within the construction in accordance with building regulations. 


British Standards

Concrete floors must be constructed in accordance with British Standards BS82004 part 1: 2008. 

The slab should be a minimum of 21 days old. Using a hygrometer in accordance with BS 8203:2001, measure and record the moisture: it should have relative humidity up to a maximum of 97%.


Surface preparation 

Prepare the surface of the substrate with a dust enclosed diamond floor grinder, or lightly shot blast it, to leave a textured surface free from contamination. If the floor has been treated with a cementitious surface improver, prepare the surface following the manufacturer’s recommendations or abrade with a rotary floor preparation machine, followed by thorough vacuuming. Carry out any local repairs, treatment of cracks and holes, improvement or modification of levels and removal of high spots before installation. 


Installation conditions 

Apply in well-ventilated areas only, at a temperature between 15 °C and 25 °C. Ambient conditions should be maintained at least 3 °C above dew point or below 75% RH during initial stages of cure. 


Mixing equipment

You will need: 

  • Slow speed drill (200-500rpm) such as MM17*
  • Mixing paddle such as MR2 60B*


*All tool number references relate to Refina Ltd. Call to order on 01202 632 270. 



Clean all tools and equipment regularly during installation.


Personal Protection equipment (PPE)

Ensure that you wear the correct PPE at all times.


Product installation 

Using a slow speed drill and paddle thoroughly mix the base colour for 30 seconds. Pour all of the hardener into the pre-mixed base and mix for a further 4-5 minutes. Ensure you fully mix the material around the sides and bottom of the container; avoid vigorous mixing as this can lead to bubbles and pinholes.


Immediately pour all of the mixed material onto the floor in a ribbon. Use a 2mm x 5mm notched trowel or dense foam rubber squeegee to distribute the material evenly, then use a low-loss medium pile synthetic roller that you have pre-wetted with Altro Proof Standard to uniformly and fully treat the surface. 


Allow to cure and carefully inspect the applied film for defects, such as pinholes and areas of under-thickness. If necessary, apply further Altro Proof Standard locally on these. Allow curing for the minimum overlayment period, before you apply either a water-resistant levelling screed or the floor covering, using a suitable water-resistant adhesive. 


Full cure

You should achieve full cure in 7 days at 20 °C.  Untreated felt paper is sufficient as protection from light traffic.


Your completed installation

In general, flooring will follow the profile of the underlying substrate. Please note thin coatings will reflect the surface texture. 


Suitable substrates: concrete, polymer-modified cementitious screeds, sand and cement screeds, terrazzo, granolithic stone, levelling screeds / surface smoothing compounds 

Interior use only 

Number of coats: 1

Component parts: 1 x base colour + 1 x hardener 

Guide coverage: 6kg unit = not more than 18m2

Nominal thickness: 250 microns 

Curing time: minimum 20 - 24hrs @ 25 °C                     

Full chemical cure: = 7 days @ 20 °C

Minimum application temperature: 15 °C and rising } 

Ambient temperatures: maintain at least 3 °C above dew point or below 75% RH during initial stages of cure 

Maximum application temperature: 25 °C 

Open time: approximately 20 +/- 5 minutes at 20 °C once mixed and transferred onto the floor 

Overlayment time: minimum 20 hours maximum 24 hours at 25 °C or minimum 30 hours maximum 36 hours at 15 °C

Shelf life: 12 months from date of purchase 

Storage: store in a dry, frost-free environment and condition between 15 °C and 25 °C for at least 24 hours before laying 

Equipment needed: Slow speed drill (200-500rpm) such as MM17* 

                                   Mixing paddle such as MR2 60B*

                                    *All tool number references relate to Refina Ltd. Order on 01202 632 270


       2mm x 5mm notched trowel and / or dense foam rubber squeegee

       Low-loss medium pile synthetic roller

       Available from any hardware store


Cleaning tool: all tools and equipment should be regularly cleaned 


PPE: ensure that the correct PPE is worn at all times

Kit components

The kit is available in one size. When you place your order, your kit will include the right amount of base and hardener for the overall size of kit, as shown below:


Order codeKit availableTotal size of kitSize of base component supplied in kitSize of hardener component supplied in kit
DPMU6K017Altro Proof Standard Kit6kgAltro Proof Standard 4.62kgAltro Proof Hardener 1.38kg



Data sheets and installation guides

We have created our Health and Safety data sheets and full Technical data and installation guide not just to support you as you install this product, but also to keep you safe. You must ensure you read and understand them before you start your installation and then follow them. If you have any queries, please call us.


We have compiled the following list of accessories that you will need to complete your resin installation. If you don’t already have them, we have listed where they are available from.


Available from any hardware store 


2mm x 5mm notched trowel and / or dense foam rubber

Low-loss medium pile synthetic roller               


Available from Refina:


Mixing equipment

You will need: 

  • Slow speed drill (200-500rpm) such as MM17* 
  • Mixing paddle such as MR2 60B* 

*All tool number references relate to Refina Ltd. Call to order on 01202 632 270