Altro Capping Seal Strip C7  (UCS2) 25m
Altro Capping Seal Strip C7  (UCS2) 25m
Altro Capping Seal Strip C7  (UCS2) 25m

Altro Capping Seal Strip C7 (UCS2) 25m

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Neat, hygienic wall/floor finish in dry areas


Product description

Aesthetic and functional, capping seals are the perfect way to finish off your vinyl flooring installation.

Capping seals provide a neat, secure and hygienic finish at wall and floor junctions, where you cove your flooring up a wall. You use them with cove formers, in effect, forming a skirting. 

Altro Capping seal C7 comes in a 25m coil. It has three colour options – Black, White and Dove – so you can match it to your installation. It is made from a tough and durable PVC, which will last as long as your installation.

Altro Capping seal C7 is for use in areas where you do not have liquids spilled on the wall.

If you are installing in a wet area, see Altro Captile strip C8.



How do I use it?

Before starting to lay your floor, fit your cove former and capping seal to the perimeter of the installation to support the floor when it is turned up the wall.

To install the capping seal, mark the required height to the wall surface, up to a minimum height of 100mm and a maximum of 150mm with a pencil or chalk line. Then apply adhesive to that section of the wall and back of the capping seal (put it on a piece of hardboard as you do this).

Once the adhesive is touch dry firmly position the capping seal in place, mitring the internal corners and wrapping the capping around the external corners.

To fit the external corners cut a section out of the back of the capping and place a separate piece of floor under the capping. Repeat the contact adhesive process with the back of the cove former.

When the adhesive is touch dry, fit the cove former firmly into position, accurately mitring the corners. Once you have fitted the cove former and capping strip in place, you can start to install the floor.

Which cove former do I use with this capping seal?

You can use an Altro Cove former CF38R or Altro Cove former CF20R radius cove former with this product.

What adhesive do I use with it?

You need to use a suitable contact adhesive, available from most flooring wholesalers, to adhere the cove former, Altro flooring and Altro Capping seal C7.

Do I need to hot weld anything?

You do not need to weld Altro Capping seal C7, but will need to hot weld all mitres and joints within the coving, as you install your floor.

Do you have a technical detail diagram to support this? 

Yes, reference D4/03/05

What colours does it come in?

Black, White and Dove 

What length does it come in?

25m coil

What skill level do I need to use this product?

This product is suitable for use by professional installers or those with extensive experience of working with products of this kind. If you have any doubts about whether you have the right skill level to use it, please call us in advance to discuss.

Where can I find out more?

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