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Altro Unipad™ machine cleaning pad 13 inch box of 5

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Altro UniPadTM

Double-sided pads for rotary cleaning machines


 Product description

The Altro UniPad is a double-sided, round machine-cleaning pad for use with rotary cleaning machines. It is an easy-to-use and highly effective cleaning pad for use on all types of safety flooring in large areas such as corridors and receptions. You can use it with most rotary machine cleaners. When you use the Altro UniPad regularly as part of a quality-cleaning regime, you can significantly improve the long-term life and performance of your floor, as well as creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

We have a developed a range of different sized pads. Choose the size of pad to fit your cleaning machine.

Altro UniPad machine cleaning pad 13 inch


Box of 5

Altro UniPad floor cleaning pads 15 inch


Box of 5

Altro UniPad machine cleaning pad 16 inch


Box of 5

Altro UniPad machine cleaning pad 17 inch


Box of 5


Frequently asked questions

Why and where would I use these Altro UniPads?

Use these Altro UniPads in larger areas where machine rather than manual cleaning is needed such as reception areas, corridors or kitchens.


What cleaners are recommended to use with Altro UniPad on my floor?

AltroClean 44

AltroClean 44 Plus


How do Altro UniPads perform compared with other traditional cleaning pads?

When used with AltroClean 44 and AltroClean 44 Plus, combined with good general cleaning practices, the Altro UniPad will outperform many traditional cleaning pads.


What other equipment do I need with this to clean my floor?

A rotary cleaning machine


How do you maintain Altro UniPads?

You should maintain Altro UniPads in line with good cleaning and hygiene maintenance practices. As with all pads, to maintain optimum standards of hygiene, clean and dry them thoroughly between uses and store them in a clean and dry environment.


Health and safety

Make sure that the pad you are using is new or that you have cleaned and dried it in accordance with health and safety precautions and good general cleaning practices.


What else is available in the Altro UniPad range?

Altro UniPad is also available as a single-sided hand-cleaning pad for use in small areas.


Where can I find out more technical information?

If you have any queries please call our Customer Care Centre on 01462 489516.

Download the datasheet Altro UniPad Data Sheet