Altro Nuvola Cirrus™
Altro Nuvola Cirrus™
Altro Nuvola Cirrus™
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Altro Nuvola Cirrus™

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Product description

Create a contemporary environment with this rubber floor


Altro Nuvola Cirrus is a resilient, 2mm compact floor: the kind of floor many installers and facilities managers will be familiar with. 


With high levels of resistance to staining, wear and physical abuse, Altro Nuvola Cirrus has long been a firm favourite in public buildings such as schools, offices and hospitals, where walkways take a pounding. It provides excellent cushioned comfort underfoot plus anti-fatigue properties due to its innate elasticity. Combine this with its 6dB rating and you have a great solution for potentially noisy locations, where people congregate or children play. 

It has a smooth surface and an R9 slip rating, which mean it’s ideal where you won’t have any spills of water. It meets the requirements for heavy domestic and very heavy use commercial use (ISO 10874). It provides a hygienic, seamless surface and is easy to clean and maintain.


We are now offering Altro Nuvola Cirrus in full rolls.  


Price includes free delivery.


Typical applications


  • Walkways, corridors
  • Lifts, stairwells
  • Play areas
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Libraries


Product guarantee: 5 years


We want you to get the best result from this floor.


We have created technical materials to support you as you install this product. 

Please read and refer to our:


Technical data sheets

Altro Cladding and Flooring Installation Guides

Maintenance documents


If you have any questions, call us before you start, we’re here to help. 


Who can typically install this product?

This product is suitable for semi-skilled installers to use. If you feel, you lack the right experience to install this product and can benefit from professional help, please get in touch to discuss this with us. 



We recommend that more than one person handles this product, whether you are ordering a full roll or a cut.


Equipment needed which is available from Altro Direct:




Clean all tools and equipment regularly during installation. 


Personal Protection equipment (PPE)

Ensure that you wear the correct PPE at all times.


Sheet composition: rubber

For interior use only

Full sheet dimensions: 14 m2 long x 1.9 m2 wide 

Weight: 3.3 kg/m2

Product guarantee: 5 years

Slip rating: R9 

Sound reduction: 6dB

Use: heavy domestic and very heavy use commercial use (ISO 10874)

Cleaning tool: clean all tools and equipment regularly

PPE: ensure that the correct PPE is worn at all times

Data sheets and installation guides