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Altro Cove former CF38R 38mm x 2m length

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Create neat, hygienic and strong skirting at floor to wall junctions


Product description

Cove formers support your vinyl flooring as you neatly take it up the wall, forming a rounded angle skirting.

They help to both prevent any stress on your floor and reduce the risk of anything piercing it, maintaining the integrity of the floor for longer. They are ideal for use in areas that you keep clean by frequent mopping. The rounded shape of the cove former gives you ease of maintenance for the lifetime of your installation, making your flooring easier to clean and helping prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. You use it with an Altro Captile strip for a perfect, watertight finish – vital in areas that need frequent cleaning or could have spillages down the wall. You can also use it with an Altro Capping seal in areas where you don’t get liquids spilled down the wall.

We offer cove formers in two sizes to fit different angle radius requirements:

Altro Cove former CF38R = 38mm x 38mm

Altro Cove former CF20R = 20mm x 20 mm


Both the above come in 2m lengths and you buy them individually.


Where do I use a cove former?

You use the cove former to create a floor to wall cove, in areas where sheet vinyl flooring needs to be self-coved, such as in wet areas, hospital wards, corridors or commercial kitchens – areas where hygiene and ease of maintenance are key.

How do I use it?

Before starting to lay your floor, you need to fit your cove former to the perimeter of the installation to support the floor when it is turned up the wall.

Apply contact adhesive to the back of the cove former (put it on a piece of hardboard as you do this), plus the parts of the floor and wall it will meet.  When the adhesive is touch dry, fit the cove former firmly into position, accurately mitring the corners. Once you have fitted the cove in place you can start to install the floor up the wall and into the captile strip or capping seal.

What adhesive do I use with it? 

You need to use a suitable contact adhesive, available from most flooring wholesalers, to adhere the cove former.

How do cove formers help maintain hygiene?

Cove formers have a smooth, rounded shape, rather than the 90o angle junction associated with traditional floor and wall joints. This makes it easier to clean your floor, preventing the build-up of bacteria and dirt, as you don’t have difficult angles to get your mop into.

How do cove formers promote the longevity of my floor?

Cove formers support your flooring at its weakest point: where it meets the wall. Your flooring is adhered to the cove former as it leaves the floor and transitions to the wall, fully supported underneath at all points. This helps to both prevent any stress on the flooring and reduce the risk of anything piercing it, maintaining the integrity of the flooring for longer.

What are the cove formers made of?

Tough and durable PVC.

Do Altro sell the captile strip and capping seal to go with them? 


Altro Captile Strip C8

Altro Capping seal C7

What skill level do I need to use this product?

This product is suitable for use by professional installers or those with extensive experience of working with cove formers. If you have any doubts about whether you have the right skill level to use it, please call us in advance to discuss. 

Where can I find out more?

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